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Ingenuous in strategic alliance Cedar Rose
Ingenuous signs a strategic alliance with Cedar Rose. Combining the strengths and expertise of both companies, the partnership will deliver stronger and integrated services.
Ingenuous has joined the Eurofinas Federation, the voice of consumer credit providers at European level, as its latest associate member.
Press Release – Group-IB teams up with Ingenuous
Group-IB, a global cybersecurity leader recognised by world leading research companies, teams up with Ingenuous.
Preventing Application Fraud is Key to a Successful Digital Fraud Strategy
In today’s digital world, the biggest fraud threat is having our identities used by criminals for their own financial gain. All at the expense of our financial institutions and at our own expense as well.
Emerging Fraud Trends and Fraud Prevention
In today’s digital world, the biggest fraud threat is criminals using our identities for their own financial gain. This happens at the expense of financial institutions and at our own expense.
The international payments provider frequently rated number one globally, Currencies Direct [‘CD’], has chosen Intuition by Ingenuous as its AML transaction monitoring platform.
Finance Now tackles financial crimes with latest technology from Ingenuous. New Zealand’s leading non-bank lender Finance Now chooses Intuition by Ingenuous to manage financial crimes for its growing portfolio.
Read about how we are supporting Commercial Bank of Dubai lead digital customer service and manage financial crimes.
CBD chose Intuition by Ingenuous to detect and prevent application and transaction fraud and manage AML and compliance for its growing portfolio.
Again we see the importance of putting in place a comprehensive and dedicated AML and CTF program; and the potential consequences of not doing so.