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Ingenuous joins Eurofinas as an Associate Member


Ingenuous joins Eurofinas as an Associate Member

Ingenuous has joined the Eurofinas Federation, the voice of consumer credit providers at European level, as its latest associate member.

Brussels, Belgium [24 March 2022]

Ingenuous, a Melbourne-based financial crime prevention company, is now an associate member of the Eurofinas Federation. Eurofinas is the voice of consumer credit providers at European level.

About Eurofinas

Eurofinas, the European Federation of Finance House Associations, is the voice of the specialised consumer credit providers in the EU. Eurofinas brings together associations throughout Europe that represent finance houses, specialised banks, captive finance companies of car, equipment, manufacturers and universal banks. The scope of products covered by Eurofinas members includes all forms of consumer credit products such as personal loans, point of sale credit, credit cards and store cards. Consumer credit facilitates access to assets and services as diverse as cars, studies, furniture, electronic appliances, etc. Eurofinas members financed more than €400 billion worth of new loans during 2020 with outstandings reaching over €1.1 trillion euros at the end of the year. More information on Eurofinas activities available at

Vesa Manninen, Head of Product and Strategy, Ingenuous said: “Financial Crime is of increasing global concern. Intuition has been developed to assist organisations in their fight against fraud and ensure compliance. Ingenuous recognises the important role Eurofinas plays in supporting its members. We are excited to join the Federation and support its members.”

Eurofinas Director General, Anne Valette, said: “We are delighted that Ingenuous is joining our Federation. Eurofinas Associate Memberships include a number of key players offering valuable services. The expertise of Ingenuous in financial crime will be a great addition. I am confident this new partnership will translate into more value added for our Federation and its members.”

About Ingenuous

Ingenuous is a decision support company bringing an innovative financial crime and credit decisioning solution to the market. Their solution, Intuition, a single platform enabling credit risk decisioning, application and transaction fraud detection and prevention. Intuition ensures AML compliance and screening, has been developed using 30+ years of experience in the global financial services industry. It ensures a product that is future proof, scalable and developed using the latest technology. Intuition technology includes machine learning to ensure ease of implementation and fast ROI. With a head office in Melbourne, Ingenuous supports its global clients through their international support network.

The benefit of the partnership between Ingenuous and Eurofinas

Through its extensive membership network, Eurofinas effectively represents the European consumer credit industry. As a European umbrella body, its members consist of national consumer credit associations. Through Eurofinas, Ingenuous is able to complement the network of expertise and get closer to the community they serve.

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