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Our Story

About Us


A superior financial crime prevention solutions driven company that will protect your company and clients’ financial assets.


What we can do for you


Offer you a superior financial crime prevention solution to protect your company and clients’ financial assets in order to do that you need.


The problem is the rapidly changing and increasing regulations in global financial industries, increased volumes of financial transactions and increased fraudulent activity which makes the pressure on your company to make the right decision complex.


An experienced and trusted solution partners who can provide relevant, agile, flexible and cost-effective technology solutions.

Features – How does our service work?

How do Ingenuous services work?

Financial crimes

We believe in helping our clients not become an easy target of financial crimes and help protect their genuine customers against potential fraud.

Automated decisions

We understand the business challenges in financial crime prevention which is why we empower financial institutions who need to make informed, automated decisions about the customers they have onboard and about the way they manage their transactions with those customers.

Experience / Implementation

Here's how we do it

Machine Learning / AI capabilities with flexible data models make it possible to bring on new channels very quickly.

Dynamic Rules Engine with established rules library that enable access to our Intellectual Property, real time management of changing fraud trends and quick implementation.

We offer a single, easy to implement, future proof and scalable solution, resulting in faster ROI than most of the competition.

Intuition is a single platform managing multiple use cases seamlessly, allowing user a single 360 customer review.

We help our clients manage and identify suspicious or reported non-compliant activities.

We ensure that all generated compliance reports (STR) meet the required regulatory standards.

We provide breakthrough and easy-to-use cloud-based solutions, with latest architecture and technical components, with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than the competing solutions.

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About Us

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”

Roy H. Williams

At Ingenuous what we say, we deliver!

Organisations are facing many challenges these days, and the ones shown here are just a few. 

Challenges Ahead

• Explosion in Data
• Real-Time Decisioning
• Cyber Threats
• More Regulatory Requirements
• Customer Retention / Growth
• Staff Retention
• Increasing Digital Access
• Moving to Cloud Services
• Increasing Online Fraud
• Protecting Reputation
• Real-Time Processing
• Limitations of Legacy Systems
• More Competition

We solve a number of problems for our clients using the latest and most advanced technology in end-to-end customer onboarding and financial crime prevention. These problems include:

  • The challenge of bringing together data from different sources, in real time, in order to facilitate more informed decision-making;

  • The increasing cost of fulfilling regulatory requirements due to those requirements becoming more onerous on financial service organisations;

  • The risk of financial fraud loss if financial crimes go undetected and regulatory fines if systems and processes are not up to standard;

  • Protection against reputational loss.

Ingenuous is focused on providing these solutions to the following sectors:

  • Banks and financial services;

  • Insurance;

  • Payments, e-commerce and retail;

  • Superannuation;

  • Telecommunications and utilities;

  • Government including taxation and healthcare;

  • Betting and gaming, casinos.

The digital channel has taken centre stage of the communication customers and consumers have with their service providers and the services delivered by those organisations. Customers are driving that conversation and expecting services anywhere, anytime, and with no delay in decision-making. Opening a bank account from your lounge room, getting in-store instant finance instead of going to a branch, and online purchases, have already become the norm.

Whilst these changes create many opportunities for service providers, they also create a number of risks, especially cyber threats and the increasing challenges of fulfilling obligations such as responsible lending, knowing your customers, and identifying and reporting financial crimes. With the growing volume of online transactions, the increasing number of fraud scams and the human cost of identifying, investigating and preventing financial crimes, one of the key ways to address these challenges is with robust technology.

Ingenuous was established on 1 May 2018 and brings together more than 25 years’ global experience in lending and managing fraud risk and financial compliance.

Our mission at Ingenuous is to help our clients overcome the hurdles and provide access to the latest and most advanced technology in financial crime prevention, regardless of their size and regardless of their readiness of the digital era we are already in.

Not forgetting of course we also need to take care of non-digital criminal activity! This experience and technology has been brought together in a platform called Intuition.

Intuition delivers end-to-end customer onboarding and financial crime prevention, complemented by partner solutions that deliver value-adds in the areas of identity and biometric verification, global watchlist screening and cyber security.

Ingenuous helps its clients not only fight fraud, but deter the following financial crimes which can have devastating social impact:

  • Money laundering;
  • Terrorism financing;
  • Bribery and corruption;
  • Illicit wildlife trade;
  • Environmental crimes;
  • Human trafficking and child exploitation (Modern Slavery).

We have a strong focus on leading our industry with product innovation and delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients. We have employees in 10 countries globally, covering Australasia, Southeast and North Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Our clients include banks, non-bank lenders, money exchange companies, superannuation funds and insurers. We offer both on-premise solutions and cloud-hosted SaaS solutions.

Intuition by Ingenuous

Financial crimes prevention and compliance

Our Expertise

Our Professional Team

Braulio Cadena

Senior Technical Consultant
Ingenuous-Rumesh-Senaratne-PMO-Director BW

Rumesh Senaratne

PMO Director

Stephanie Cheok

Senior Business Analyst

Ian Johnson

Project Manager
Ingenuous-Addy-Wong-Senior-Business-Consultant BW

Addy Wong

Senior Business Consultant
Ingenuous-Sergio-Monteagudo-Operations-Manager BW

Sergio Monteagudo

Operations Director

Clint Mills

Managing Director

Prem George Alphonse

Senior Data Scientist

Gray Stopforth

Regional Sales Director EMENA
Ingenuous-Bambang-Christianto-Development-Manager BW

Bambang Christianto

Director of Software Engineering
Ingenuous-Ramyashree-Subhash-Senior-QA-Engineer BW

Ramyashree Subhash

Senior QA Engineer
Ingenuous-Vesa-Manninen-Head-of-Product-and-Strategy BW

Vesa Manninen

Product Director

Trish Khoo

Senior Technical Consultant
Ingenuous-Khoo-Hock-Lye-Global-Account-Manager BW

Khoo Hock Lye

Global Account Manager

Compton Harry

Head of Customer Success Australasia
Ingenuous Team

Want to join us?

If you are interested in being part of an innovative start-up company, we’d love to hear from you!

The roles we are currently looking to fill include project managers, business and technical consultants, systems engineers, and a range of implementation specialists.

Get involved in a role where you can use latest technology and shape the growth and success of our company.

To express your interest in an exciting role at Ingenuous Pty Ltd, please send your cover letter and CV to