We Are A Start-Up

With the fluidity of business these days, Ingenuous is focussed on delivering flexible solutions that can be either installed at site or cloud-hosted.
Suitable Sectors

The solutions are suitable for any organisations who need to make informed, automated decisions about the customers they onboard and about the way they manage their transactions with those customers.  This includes banks and financial services, insurance, payments and e-commerce, telecommunications and betting and gaming.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is to continuously improve our product offerings, and to provide the highest level of customer service. We want to help our clients implement industry best-practice, to help our clients not become an easy target for fraud and other financial crimes, and to help protect the identity of genuine

Reputation Is Key

Protect your organisation’s reputation and protect the identity of genuine customers.

Ingenuous Pty Ltd delivers Financial Crimes Prevention and Compliance in a single platform called Intuition.  It also supplements its software solutions with a strong set of professional services, which are consulting packages aimed at ensuring
our clients are maximising their investment in technology.

Intuition by Ingenuous is the latest in fraud prevention and compliance, and covers both onboarding and transactional monitoring.  The solution can be implemented with either or both functions activated.

Intuition for Onboarding

Intuition for Onboarding is a solution designed to help our clients achieve fraud prevention and compliance at all stages of the customer onboarding stage:

Application Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent credit application fraud at the onboarding stage, even before you have signed the customer up.

KYC Watchlist Filtering

PEPs and Sanctions checking, and checking against any other type of list.

AML Compliance

Conduct AML checking on your potential customers.

Intuition for Monitoring

Intuition for Monitoring is a solution designed to help our clients achieve fraud prevention and compliance once the customer is able to start transacting on their account:

Transaction Fraud Prevention

Prevent and detect fraud coming from all channels including cards, online, Branch and call centre.

AML Compliance

Detect and report potential money laundering activity.

Other Financial Crime Detection

Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) and other illegal monetary activity.

Consulting Packages

Designed to complement our technology solutions are our professional services solutions where our expert business consultants will assist your organisation to implement the following components of your Fraud Risk Management or Credit Risk Management programme:  Predictive analytics, Fraud framework, Scorecard validation, Credit policy, Fraud tool optimisation.


Competitive Advantages

We differentiate ourselves by delivering value for money whilst helping our clients to implement industry best practice in financial crimes prevention.  We work hard with our clients to ensure they achieve return on investment through the implementation of our solutions in four main ways.

One system

covering both Onboarding and Monitoring

Real time

retrieval of data and dashboard monitoring


technology means increased performance and scalability


solutions with never-before-seen functionality


We work with innovative partners with a vision similar to our own in terms of delivering the latest technology solutions and a high level of customer service to our clients.

Sonic Code is a near-field communication technology solution that uses inaudible sound to transfer data across devices for more secure and convenient mobile payment and authentication services.

Want to know more? Visit www.infosonic.net or contact info@ingenuous.com.au.

Become a Partner

If you have an innovative solution in the fraud risk management and credit risk management space, we'd love to hear from you.

Ingenuous is always on the look-out for innovative solutions where we can increase our offering to the market through partnerships.  These could be complementary solutions in the form of data providers, credit bureaus, biometrics technology and IT security.

Please get in touch by emailing info@ingenuous.com.au.

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